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5 Reasons You Need a Planner

1. Peace of Mind

The planner’s main goal is to ensure that you feel stress-free. It is true, a wedding planner or consultant allows you to feel comforted as you work through tough decisions and listen to many opinions. We are able to adapt to changing plans, hold others accountable and advocate for you. 

2. Been there Done that (Contracts and Budgets)

Contracts and budgets may seem like a daunting task. Our consultants have the experience and understanding on how to best utilize your budget to create the biggest impact. Contracts can appear to be overwhelming with all of the big words and legalities associated with signing a contract. Our team is there to guide you to make the best informed decision when locking in vendors and their contracts. It’s the little things that add up! 

3. Timeless Design with You in Mind

Yep, that’s our motto. We understand that this is your day and is based on your vision! At Vaughn Events, we can help to make sure that you are getting what you paid for and then some. Rest assured we have your back and listen to your vision. 

4. Vendor Relationships

We have the pleasure to work with many different vendors and form relationships with them. Sometimes you may need extra lighting to add to the overall ambiance. We are able to call in some last-minute favors to help make the unimaginable a reality.   

5. Executing Expectations 

Our consultants provide a different perspective when preparing your day with timelines and vendor contacts. We are able to easily access different vendors. If your venue already has a built in planner, odds are they are only organizing the details that affect their brand. Our team specializes in creating value for each moment. We manage the guests’ expectations, as well as, the bride’s. We are the right hand person for anything and everything. Trust us with the pace of your ceremony and reception.